Robert Gaudette – mixed media artist

Note: Put something here that sounds like someone else wrote it.

Like James Earl Jones or that Cowboy Sam ??? guy with the mustache that does the Cohen Bros narration.. hmmmmm that’s voice over. Put something here that sounds like someone else wrote it and those guys read it. Use words like “visionary” or “genius”. Get the thesaurus out and maybe find words that mean the same thing but sound less pretentious. Mention that you were born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada not quite sure why people would care but most bio’s have stuff like that and post a photo with crazy hair (worked for Warhol and Basquiat).

Should give some idea of why you’re doing what you’re doing, hmmmm really not sure other than I’m interested in what the 80s artists would be doing in the 2020’s. Who would Warhol be interested in? What would the subject matter be? Analog still seems cooler but are things shifting? Would Basquiat have an ipad?

Might give you more credibility if people know your work was featured in Vogue Italia, BOOOOOOOM, Another Mag. Clients have included Lionsgate Films and Johnny Depp’s imprint Infinitum Nihil.

Come back to this later.