Tiki Warriors is a free market collection, where players determine the economy. Initial offering of characters is 0.0007 ETH – Polygon chain on Opensea. Opensea’s minimum allowable listing price. Additional quantities of each NFT will be randomly posted but always advertised on Twitter. Once all nfts are distributed players will be able to set the economy.

Tiki Warriors Level 1

Collect all 20 level 1 NFT’s and receive the bonus card. The only way to collect the level bonus NFT is to collect the entire level and receive it from us or you can buy it from another collector who has attained it.

Contact us with your wallet address and Opensea username to verify you possess all level nfts in order to receive the bonus NFT.
e: freemarketgames365[at]gmail.com
Please be patient as transfers are done manually to your wallet.
Complete sets transferred from one account to another account will not qualify for the bonus nft.

Level 1 Bonus NFT

Level 2 Coming Soon!