If you have achieved the requirements to request a Collectible (Miner, Dragon, Mine Security) :

Email us and include your wallet address and Opensea account name.


How to Play

Who among you will dominate the Miners gold market?

Once the initial tokens have been distributed, the token economy will rely on players who earn bonuses to become the suppliers of all new tokens into the market place.

Token Miners is an NFT collectors’ game with passive growth and bonuses. Token Miners are actively mining tokens on the polygon network. Miners have been known to horde vast token collections in order to take advantage of bonus NFT’s. Some of which can be purchased while others require that you have collected different token amounts before being able to access them.


Tokens are available in different quantities for ease of storage.
Any combination of the token NFTs add up to your total token count.
Tokens are used to collect other higher level NFT’s as well to obtain Bonuses.

Bonus NFTs

Each bonus NFT has the bonus information displayed on it. Bonus NFT’s allow for increased token gains, however bonus NFTs themselves do not count towards token totals. These bonus cards can be combined and multiple quantities will contribute to your weekly token bonus. The listed quantity on Opensea is the total available for each bonus NFT. This makes them quite valuable as no more will be produced. New bonus NFTs will be introduced periodically into the game. You may use multiples of all and any of these cards to receive the total bonuses.

One of a Kind Collectibles

In Token Miners, the only way to own a Collectible is to collect the number of tokens required to have one transferred to you as a gift. 
You can also purchase one from a player who owns one. Once you have required amount, you will email us in order to get the process started. 

Include your Opensea wallet address and your Opensea account name.

e: freemarketgames365[at]gmail.com

Please be patient as we manually verify and transfer the NFT’s

Only 1 of each collectible type can be used in the Sunday calculation when calculating your token bonus.
You may own as many as you like but the Miner, Dragon, Explorer etc. with the highest value bonus’ will be applied.
Some collectible bonuses only apply when your wallet also contains a Miner or a Dragon. Please read the collectible descriptions.

Each Opensea account is eligible to claim each collectible once. If you transfer or sell your collectible you will need to purchase one on the market.
Additional collectibles will be introduced into the game as it evolves.

Token Miner Math

Miner 5% + Dragon 10% + Mine Security 2% = 17% bonus applied to the token count in your wallet on Sundays (random times)

Only 1 collectible per type can be used in the Sunday calculation when calculating your token bonus. You may own as many as you like but only one of each bonus will be applied.

Lantern 1 + Lantern 1 + Pick Axe 50 + Mining Cart 100 + Mining Machine 1000= 1152 tokens transferred to your wallet on Sundays (random times)